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How To Define Your Brand for Social Media Marketing

If you’ve been in business for a while, and don’t have a strong concept of your brand, it’s possible that some of your customers and neighbors have their own idea of what your brand means. If you have a good reputation this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this is your image we’re talking about and when you get to define it and control the way it is promoted you are at a huge advantage. Social Media is a great place to define and promote a company’s brand, so if you haven’t already, now you have the chance to make sure everyone knows what your business stands for.

When done well, creating and defining a brand, allows a business to mold the public perception, you can control your own image and leverage that for your business, instead of being defined by the public and following behind trying to adapt.

Brand Identity is the combination of many things, but at it’s basic state the brand presents the values of a business. This is what they stand for. With increased Brand Recognition, and conscious efforts develop and manage Brand Identity you are able to leverage that brand to work for your business.

Just Do It. What part of that statement relates to shoes? We can connect it to shoes, we know where it comes from, but Nike isn’t in the business of marketing shoes. Their marketing is based around brand, and brand identity. The Brand Image Nike gives you the image of talented athletes and active lifestyles. A person who is serious, but stylish. This brand represents people who compete, and look good doing it. Because Nike is able to trigger these connections in their audience, regardless of what is presented, they can control their Brand Identity.

I’m not suggesting you will be able to control your brand Identity on a global scale like Nike, but you don’t have to. You aren’t Nike. You probably want to gain a larger share of the market in your community before you take on any major global corporations. There are still ways for any small business owner to get in front of their audience, define their own brand using the same methods those corporations use, and use it to attract more customers

What does YOUR business to Stand for?

One way to start defining your brand is to look at your current customers. You have a general idea of who they are. Maybe you attract a shop local crowd, or modern tech savvy people who are always up to date on new technology. Maybe your customers are mostly parents with young kids or maybe a mixture or even a completely different group. Whoever they are, go over the following and write down your thoughts. What is important to them? What do your customers value? How can you incorporate what they value into your business? In what ways can you provide that value and how can you show them? Think of how your posts, or pages on social media could promote those values and grab the attention of this audience? How can you integrate these values into your everyday business practices?

You can use these or similar questions for any group of people you want to target. As long as you know what matters to them, you can focus your marketing in a way that grabs their attention creates a connection and builds relationships.

You can see the identity forming, now you need to put it out there consistently, reinforce it in your day to day business and build recognition through interaction so your brand gets associated with the image you are aiming for. Stick to your defined brand, use content, copy, even colors in your social media that correspond with that definition. As your following grows and reach expands, your brand identity will become ingrained and you’ll find even more opportunity to leverage that to your advantage.

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