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Marketing on social media, Where do you start?

Define Your Goals

If you aren’t sure what you are trying to accomplish, it will be difficult to create and implement any real plan, focus your efforts, and evaluate the results of what you've done.

Define Your Brand

The main reason Social Media works so well for small businesses is that it allows customers to get to know who they are dealing with. Creating that familiarity is how you build trust and bring people back, so you need to be able to define your brand before you can present it consistently.

Define Your Strategy

This is not your personal social. It’s a marketing platform for your business. Based on your goals, your brand, your budget etc. you now need to build a strategy that is focused on achieving those goals. This will be the platforms you choose, how and what kind of content will be developed and when it will be posted. The link below is a guide that will help you create your strategy.

Update Profiles, Gather Content

Whether you create, curate, or purchase content; you'll need more than you think, and you want it organized. Make sure all of your information is up to date and your pages look clean. Images of your business and employees need to look professional. Get acquainted with the metrics available; reporting and insights are invaluable when it comes to targeting and refining your campaign.

Implement and Be Consistent

Managing Social Media (content, scheduling and posting with intent, monitoring platforms and interaction) can get overwhelming fast. You run a business, your time is money. So, you’re already invested. There is no reason to waste what you've put into it. There is a reason over 80% of Small Businesses use tools or agency resources to help manage social media.

Evaluate and Adjust

Marketing with Social Media is a long term effort, that is tied to long term growth and success. You have to reach people to build an audience, then you have to engage that audience to build relationships, and keep all of these parts moving to move people through your sales funnel. The process takes time, but because of the metrics and insights available through social media, you can see what works in real time and adjust your approach accordingly to stay in line with your goals.

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