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How To Manage Social Media Marketing

Creating new content, posting consistently, and actively interacting with EVERYONE who you connect with on social is much more overwhelming than many people are prepared for. When you add multiple Social platforms, it’s easy to see why over 80% of brands pair with agencies or enlist other tools to manage Social Media. It takes time and it takes persistence. You are a business owner, so your valuable time is already limited, but you know Social media is something that can’t be overlooked.

So what can you do?

Is a Social Media Manager the answer?

The 2 main points to consider here are your goals, and your budget. Consider this from…”as of December 26, 2019...the range typically falls between $85,483 and $123,279”. Clearly, your budget and your goals play a major role in considering this approach. Of course, there are plenty of freelancers, interns, and other eager and enthusiastic individuals who might be willing to tackle your social media at a much lower cost, but you get what you pay for. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it might not be wise to let YOUR social media be the guinea pig for someone trying to learn the ropes of a complicated, fast paced, and ever changing arena. If you have the budget, and the costs meet your goals and expectations, this could definitely be the way to go, and if you do find a lower cost option who turns out to be a star that’s great! Just don’t get too attached, be prepared for them to move on to something more lucrative quickly, I assure you that they are aware of the earning potential for someone with proven success in this field.


Many small business owners are pleasantly surprised by the benefits of working with an agency. Considering the cost of salary, employee benefits, and hiring, agencies are typically a much more affordable option than employing an internal manager. Many also have a variety of flexible options that can cater to your needs, and some (not all) offer monthly services so you can avoid a long term commitment if you are testing the water. You also have the luxury of a team of professionals working behind the scenes to achieve goals that you define, and they do all of the heavy lifting for you.

What about Managing it Yourself?

If what you are doing is effective, keep doing it, but be aware that creating content, posting regularly, and staying on top of customer interaction takes a LOT of time, and filling in the gaps when you have time, or when you remember (just doing social media) is not social media marketing, so you can’t expect real results. It does give customers a chance to learn something about your business, but a haphazard or lacking presence can generate negative overall results. This all being said, if you and your team do have the time to invest and you are able to manage social (and use it to grow your reach), Keep doing what works. This is the marketplace of the foreseeable future, so congratulations to you for being on top of your game.

Management Tools

If you are uncertain about which approach is best, but you’re willing to dive in yourself or start from the ground up with interns or a Social Media Professional that’s just getting started, there are also plenty of tools available that can help you and your team manage Social. There are tools for scheduling your posts across platforms, tracking metrics, even help curating and creating content that are available, and many offer some variation of a free version or trial. Generally, the free services are suited for management of an individual’s personal Social, so to get the most for your business the paid options generally deliver more.

What About UPPLUCK?

Still unsure? Uppluck provides a service that is unique for several reasons. Never miss a customer comment or question again, that is covered. Never worry about creating or posting new content, that’s done for you every day. You want ads, with targeting based on real time metrics? Uppluck can do that. Looking for more exposure and sales that can come from Social Media Marketing? Uppluck will make it easy for you.

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