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Social Media Content Matters

Why content matters so Much

Your content is the first access point to customers, and if you aren’t putting effective content out there, that access is denied and creating the connection and familiarity becomes twice as difficult.

The content you share is the first, and possibly only chance to create a connection with people who have the potential to become your paying customers.

The main point is creating the connection. People spend time on Social media platforms because they are social. They interact and expect interaction from others, including brands, but its interaction they are there for. They are not flipping through the newspaper ads or price shopping. Yet.

Content placement should be strategic, it is a tool that allows you to create familiarity, with your brand, to define your brand image, and create the trust required to convert “people” into customers.

Failing to post content strategically has the potential to do much more harm than good. At best, a slew of random posts will garner no reach and sit on your page unviewed. At worst, you bombard people with sales and promotional posts end up with more blocks than likes or shares.

Tips For Great Content

Engage! Do Not Sell

Three of the top 4reasons that consumers UNfollow a business are reactions to content. Content that is irrelevant, too many Ads, and (did you guess this one?) too many promotional posts.

I come back to this point a lot, and even though there are great ways to leverage Social to market your business, the goal is to reach users and the users’ expectations are social. Interaction, engaging, learning, gossipping, whatever that might mean to them, their primary goal is social, and if we don’t respect that first, social media marketing can’t succeed.

Once your audience gets to know your brand and feels like they know who they are dealing with and what they can expect from you,they start to become a better target to advertise to. Marketing with Social Media is, by nature, designed for sustained, long term growth. Successful marketing efforts turn people they reach into customers, many times this happens long before your new customer needs anything from you at all, but because you create the recognition and familiarity, when a need arises that person already knows where to look.If you try to sell them on their first encounter with your business, you’re going to be ignored, unfollowed, or blocked.

Stay Relevant-Stay Consistent

Speaking or reasons consumers UNfollow a business on Social, don’t be irrelevant. It’s important to be personal and funny, but these profiles represent your business, and you people to recognize your business for the goods and services you provide, and your good reputation with customers. In order to do this, the overall message you present with social media needs to be focused and consistent. You want to start by focusing on what you do and the industry that you are in. You are the expert in your field right? Let everyone know!
*Note: Stay Humble, This doesn’t mean your posts should just tell the world how great you are!

Be Personal, Be Positive

Let your customers get to know you. Post photos of your team, back of the scenes videos, just be sure that what you post and your interaction is all positive. Your customers don’t need to know how you feel about hot button issues, they need a product or service you provide, and you need their business. All of your content should focus on one or more of these three things.


User Generated Content is a great way to increase engagement and awareness. Encourage your customers to be a part of your videos or to create their own. This can happen in your store, as a review of a product of service you delivered for them, it can come in many different ways. Here are a few benefits of UGC.


Cisco is projecting that 82% of ALL consumer traffic online will be videos as soon as the end of 2020, and there is a good reason. Take a look at the infographic below to see why you need to be creating visual content. It gets spread more often, people remember more of what they saw, it has better engagement, and overall, it’s simply more effective than on-visual content.

There are many ways to approach content, and even seasoned marketing veterans know that it’s important to employ multiple approaches. You have tools that allow you to see what performs best for your audience, and you can adapt and refine your content to align with the approaches that deliver the best results for your brand and your audience. Keep your goals in mind, don’t stray from your Brand Image, try different approaches and refine them to perform. Creating content is a daunting task for many business owners, and there are plenty of tools available to help. Freelance content curators and creators or contracting the work out to agency both could be options that suit your needs and budget, but if you can pull it off on your own, there are tools that can simplify the process. Canva, Shutterstock, Adobe Spark and Pixlr are just a few of many to look into.

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