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Social Media Marketing Overview

Strategy First

You are going to have to compete for attention before you have a chance to connect with people. That’s just how it goes. With everything out there to grab the same short attention span you are, spray and pray marketing efforts simply do not bring consistent results. You will need a plan.

Be Prepared to Invest Time

Creating new content, posting consistently, and actively interacting with EVERYONE who you connect with on social is much more overwhelming than most people are prepared for. There is a reason over 80% of brands pair with agencies or enlist other tools available to manage social.

Content Matters

Your content is the access point to customers, and if you aren’t putting effective content out there, that access is denied. Creating connections and familiarity becomes twice as difficult if your content pushes someone away.

Keep it Positive

People are more likely to trust your business if they feel like they know you, and if they trust you, they are more likely to buy from you. But, you don’t want to turn off any potential paying customer because of a negative message, all social related to your business should be positive, educational, inspirational or present security.

Consistency is Key

To an individual, a newsfeed is endless, and it’s constant. So it’s easy to get overlooked, or simply buried in the endless feed. Keep your message consistent, but keep your content fresh and make sure your posting daily.

Know What you are Competing Against and Be Bold to Get Noticed

You're up against much more than stores like yours. The first thing you're after is attention. Social Media with Family, Friends, the President’s tweets, sports scores, and kitten GIFs or pictures of your friend’s lunch. There is a lot out there to steal people's attention. You need ways to step out from the background noise.

Get Local and Know Your Customer

Don’t forget about what’s right in front of you. Yes, the internet and Social Media opens up a worldwide market, but the most traffic in brick and mortar stores comes from the local community. I won’t tell you not to try to expand across the globe, but don't overlook who is most likely to spend money at your store.

Don’t get hung up on vanity Metrics

Everyone gets that ego boost when we see a post that quickly piled up likes or shares, and this is a huge benefit when you are trying to expand your reach. But, there is MUCH more involved in the metrics and the strategies that effectively target and pull customers into your orbit.

Take time to learn about the power of Metrics

This might seem overwhelming at first, but with some understanding you can see the power of being able to monitor and adapt your content and ads, target audiences and continuously improve your strategy.

Watch out for “Apathy Traps”

Vague or missing Calls To Action, Indifference toward content, and ignoring keyword placement, are just a few things that are easy to overlook, but doing so could mean all the effort and time you already invested gets lost.

UPPLUCK gives small business owners the tools and strategies that are available to big corporations with big marketing budgets, in the most convenient and cost effective way possible. Because of this you get brand recognition, you stay in front of your potential customers and you get set apart from the other options. These things combine to progressively generate more business and promote long term growth.

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